About us

A successful company consists of people who understand the time and space they live and work in, and who have a clear vision of development. Nearly six decades of dedicated work and responsible management performed by several generations of employees has created a strong company that has won and maintained its quality. People in Fidelinka want to preserve the size that has been developing for years. In the age we live in, only large systems can aspire to achieve market perspective. In order to make this possible, all the necessary standards required by the selective market of the European Union are being conquered. With this we are saying that our companies can and know how to compete with quality and price with anyone in Europe.

Our Philosophy

Fidelinka's enthusiasm is directed towards top quality products on the consumers' menu. Being aware of the relation between food and health of the modern man, the greatest attention was paid to a responsibly planned production. In line with contemporary global trends in quality food, our goal is to provide consumers with a product that has preserved its nutritional value. Energy with which we approach the manufacturing process is reflected in all other segments of our business. We are a dynamic company, young in spirit, open to new ideas, initiatives and solutions. We are ready for cooperation and for discovering new development opportunities.

Corporate principles

The principles of work within the company are designed in accordance with European orientation. They consist of teamwork and dialogue. Age, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity represent a richness in which individual knowledge and experiences are transformed into a common advantage. Fidelinka is a company with human value systems. It is sensitive to the needs and initiatives of its people and takes care of their security. It is, therefore, natural that it experiences great pleasure through the happy people who work in it. Great attention is paid to the working environment in the drives - they need to be healthy. By building awareness of the need to protect the natural environment, Fidelinka strives to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection in the manufacturing process. Active and set to be extensively involved in environmental trends - we consider this our investment of primary importance for the future generations who will inherit us, but also for the future of our business.